Membership Service Center

The AICC has a officially appointed member service providers/ Our membership commercial service for the companies and individuals.

The services include helping the American companies, its members, to enter the Asia Pacific countries and market, helping the Asia Pacific companies to enter the international market by providing marketing plan and other relating services, helping its members to know the develops and business chances in the international market promptly, Advancing its members’ competitiveness, and helping its members to profit in the international trading, investment, business, education, and media market. It also provides consultation service in business training, education, and exchange.

AICC helps American companies to find the commercial partners in Asia Pacific countries, and provides the information in the investment regulations and laws. We provides the free information about the American commercial policies and laws on its website, helps American companies to develop economically. It also helps companies to develop a good relationship with the foreign governments. It also provides the consultation services in international investment and immigration. It can provide perfect and professional services to its members and clients.

Global economic will be unified further more in the future, and the market will be leaded by the customers. For advancing their competitiveness, small and middle size companies must create strategical partner relationship with other companies to succeed in their business. The members of AICC will cooperate with each other. This business resource will bring members the advantage of competitive position. We welcome you to be a member of the AICC .