Upcoming Event: 2018 China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services

May 28th to Jun 1st, 2018
China National Convention Center

Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China
Beijing Municipal People’s Government

USA Pavilion

Profile of Sponsor Exhibits
Video, Catalogs, Brochures Show!
300,000.00 Visitors

The American Business Pavilion offers an excellent opportunity for sellers to meet the more than 300,000 consumers face to face to present their products and services through on-site demonstrations.

Increase your exposure by taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities to make the expo memorable. Take the lead and showcase your trade in services to the international, build visibility and demonstrate your company’s impact.


Emerging Technology
Information and communication technology,Intelligent manufacturing technology,Biomedical technology,Artificial intelligence technology,Chip technology,Green energy technology,Modern agricultural technology,Energy-saving and environmental protection technology,New material technology,Intelligent logistics technology,Big data technology,etc.

Service Outsourcing
Information technology,Cloud service,Artificial intelligence,Supply chain,Digital transformation,Mobile internet,Big data analysis,Mass innovation and crowdsourcing,Smart city,Strategic consulting,etc.

Creative Design
Industrial design,Architectural design,Graphic design,Fashion design,Individual creative design,etc.

Cultural & Education
Animation production,Cultural art (sculpture, painting, music, dance, Chinese opera, etc.),Overseas intangible cultural heritages (folk art, folk music, folk dance, folk handicraft, etc.),Education-related service,etc.

Tourism Service
Tourism resources,Travel routes,Characteristic scenic areas,Service of travel agencies,Hotel service,etc.

Logistics Service
Ocean transportation,Land transportation,Air transportation,Multimodal transportation,Freight forwarding,Warehousing,Delivery,Information processing,etc.

Comprehensive Service
Legal service,Accounting service,Counseling service,Intellectual property service,exhibition service,etc.