Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in the affiliate program. Sign up today and earn commission on our membership services and products including:

  • Representative Office or Branch – Development and sets up the AICC branch and Representative office to provide membership services for regional enterprises.
  • Commercial Representative – As an AICC representative of the individual business, develop the market in its regional areas, provide service for enterprise or individual customers. For answers regarding products and services, required postings, companies, tourism, relocation, international trade and more.
  • Required Training – Sexual Harassment training for supervisors in China.
  • Market Operation – To assist the AICC headquarters or or branchs experts to provide guidance and services, for arranging and coordinating the relationship between customers and headquarters. Includes resource for professionals and business owners.
  • Chamber Membership – For information on membership packages and benefits, how to join and more.
  • We are help you with any problems you’re experiencing with the AICC project and products or services.

We partner with professionals and business owners to provide our membership services with project support and monthly commission checks.