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To build and implement the Chamber’s regulatory affairs strategy, including Chamber’s lobbying activities relating to state regulations and taxation; to control the Chamber finance policy, budgeting and reporting process.

To develop and implement Chamber’s lobbying strategy for AICC initiatives to further improve the business environment in the world, to work out position papers and statements on legislative initiatives and present them to the Government; To manage relations with Chamber’s stakeholders, including Government and other state institutions.

To assist AICC member companies further develop their human capital and invest in it wisely and efficiently. To promote the exceptional value of the highly qualified labor force and thus attract the attention of American investors exploring possibilities for outsourcing fully or partially their activities abroad. To advise the government and local authorities on matters related to labor issues.

The mission of the AICC to contribute to the successful accession and integration of China to the Uinted States, to promote Asia Pacific cooperation by becoming an active discussion forum, a source of reliable and practical information and an active contact point for AICC members on all issues related to the United States.

To develop and implement AICC marketing and PR strategy, including AICC brand development and positioning in the States as well as in the international AICC network; to initiate new business projects, AICC events business base development, etc.

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