Connect to Industry Leaders, Government Officials, and Potential Consumers in Latin American Markets

Trade Winds–Latin America is your company’s chance to connect to some of the top export markets in the world. The United States and Latin America are historic trading partners, with:
Extensive economic links,
Rich cultural connections,
A shared belief in economic growth and opportunity,
Geographic proximity and reliable trade routes.

Trade Winds connects you with decision-makers and potential partners on the ground in your target markets, and to learn market intel from the local experts.

The Western Hemisphere is the destination for 45% of U.S. exports – more than any other region. With many markets in Latin America projected to continue growing significantly through 2018, now is a perfect time to establish relationships and start the process of forming new business.

Join the Trade Winds mission Latin America to take advantage of:
Business matchmaking with qualified potential partners on the ground,
Networking events with global business leaders and government decision-makers,
1-on-1 business counseling with commercial experts from across the region,
Informative presentations from companies like yours that are already succeeding in the region.