Commerce Data Advisory Council to Hold Fourth Meeting at Google NYC Headquarters ~ See on Live Stream

Thursday, May 5th -6th, 2016

The 4th meeting of the Commerce Department’s Data Advisory Council (CDAC) will be held on May 5th – 6th, at Google headquarters in New York City. The Council will be briefed on a wide range of data work underway at the Department designed to unleash Commerce Data for public and private innovation, improve the quality, scope and timeliness of our economic statistics, and drive a more data-driven government. Presentations include key data projects underway at the Commerce Data Service (CDS), including the “Income Data Project,” the “New Exporters Project,” and the “Data Usability Project.”
The Live Stream link and full agenda will be available on the CDAC website.

Bruce Andrews, Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce
Justin Antonipillai, Counselor Performing the Duties of the Under Secretary for Economic Affairs
John Thompson, Director, U.S. Census Bureau
Brian Moyer, Director, Bureau of Economic Analysis
Ian Kalin, Chief Data Officer, U.S. Department of Commerce
CDAC Members

About CDAC: The 19 – member council of leading technologists and data leaders was created to provide the Department with advice and recommendations to revolutionize Commerce data, enabling the public and private sectors to gain new insights, innovate and create jobs.

See the CDAC website for more information on this public meeting, membership and meeting agenda.

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