Retirement Planning For Small Business Owners

Digital Media Center
1300 S. Bristol, Santa Ana 92704
Date & Time: June 30 2016, Thursday, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Cost: No Cost


Learn easy and inexpensive ways to retain key employees in a competitive market place, find income and tax shelters you can use, and determine the right way to prepare for your own retirement. If you’re a small business owner for 5 years without a retirement plan in place this workshop is definitely for you!

Small businesses have generally not been very successful in terms of providing opportunities for their employees to save for retirement. Many still believe they can’t afford to do so. Only 44% of small businesses offer retirement plans. Lots of business owners are so busy working in their businesses they haven’t even taken time to plan for their own retirement, let alone keep up with the constant tax law changes which affect retirement planning in general. So what’s the best plan for your business, the best plan for you as an owner? It might be a SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, SOLO 401k, Roth 401k or Defined Benefit Plan. What are the advantages and disadvantages? If you currently have a retirement plan, is it still the best choice? Have you done your annual retirement plan “checkup”? We all need a clear plan, a road map to the future. This workshop will help you understand which retirement plans you should use for the best results.

This workshop is presented by Mandy Woo.

Mandy Woo is a Certified Financial Planner and business owner herself and has helped individuals, families and small businesses achieve their financial goals through customized, comprehensive, strategic financial planning for over 13 years. Through her daily practice, and volunteering at SCORE, Mandy has educated many individuals and small business owners in terms of tax planning, protection planning, and investment and retirement planning. She owns a franchise financial advisory business and holds a Bachelor Degree in Investment Finances and a Master Degree in Taxation. Mandy also holds General Security, Insurance, and Investment Advisor licenses. As an ongoing basis, she has been working with CPAs and attorneys to help small business owners design and set up retirement, executive benefit plans and exit strategies suitable for their individual situations.

(Registration/Check-in 5:30 to 6:00 PM)