2nd Workshop on Contemporary Issues in Procurement Practice

27 – 28 Sep 2016
Belgrade, Serbia
University of Belgrade
Tor Vergata University of Rome

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, together with the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Law, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, the University of Rome Tor Vergata (TVU) International Master in Public Procurement Management (IMPPM) programme, and the IMPPM Alumni Student Association, are organising a “Second Workshop on Contemporary Issues in Procurement Practice” to be held at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Law on 27 and 28 September 2016.

Representatives of the public and private sectors from Europe, Asia and Africa, alongside former and current students of the IMPPM programme, as well as procurement experts from international financial institutions (IFIs) will analyse current issues in public procurement, share their experiences, present case studies illustrating good practice and offer recommendations for achieving the most efficient use of public funds.

This workshop represents a unique opportunity for open discussion among procurement professionals and other interested parties.

The event is open to procurement professionals, the students, graduates and professors of the IMPPM programme, EBRD procurement experts and other interested participants from the Bank, IFI representatives and procurement experts in general, whose participation will enrich the event with a variety of perspectives.

The EBRD and TVU are jointly supporting the IMPPM. This Master’s programme, unique among IFIs, enables public procurement officials in the Bank’s countries of operations to complete their academic and practical Master’s-level professional degree while gaining an in-depth understanding of the best procurement practices that is also transferrable to the development of national policy.

Once the class of 2016 has defended its Master’s theses in February 2017, the 28 graduates will join the pool of EBRD-TVU alumni, bringing the total number of alumni to 120 IMPPM professionals from 33 countries and 85 institutions, all partners or clients of the EBRD.

This event is organized together with the “Third Interdisciplinary Symposium on Public Procurement”, to be held in Belgrade on 28-30 September 2016, as part of the Procurement Week Programme co-sponsored by the EBRD.