Borad of Directors

Borad of Directors

Holmes Stoner, Chairman
Pacific Rim Business Council

Jason Quin, Chief Executive Officer
President Asia Pacific
Chairman Asia Pacific Committee

Inge Sawerthal, President
Chief Financial Officer

David T. Lau, Vice President
President International Investment Division

Jeffrey S. Klein, Managing Director Adviser Public Relations

Stavros Nikolakopoulos, First Vice Chairman
Chairman China-Euro Committee

Jena Seam, Director
Public Relations

Albert Lai, Secretary-General
Asia Pacific Committee

Guanghui King, Vice President
Chairman China Region
Director Investment Division

Thomas Lee Simmons, Vice President
Asia Pacific Region

Abdul Malik, Project Commissioner
Economic Development Committee

Jim Johnson, Director
Global Initiatives

Charles Dong, Director
International Affairs Asia Pacific

Diana Chu, Director
International Business

Wendy Loiu, Secretary

* The list below is not in chronological order