Dictionary: CybEye, Inc

CybEye, Inc. is a location-based mobile messaging platform company founded in October 2011.

What Is CybEye
• CybEye is a 4-in-1 suite app (search, share, social and mobile hosting).
• CybEye implments MS-Office concept to combine these apps into one comprehensive suite.
• CybEye offers free mobile hosting for business users and app developers to build apps by templates without having to write code.
• CybEye is a new way to search, share and socialize.

Platform Highlights
• 1st event-based social networking platform.
• Comprehensive IP portfolio and 8 core patents.
• AppStore Model for businesses to build custom apps.
• 5-A core cloud computing and mobile platform

5-A core advantages
• Any device with native app and consistent user experience
• Any place with location-based content management
• Any time by true mobility and photo sync
• Any content including channel, event list and event data
• Any language by multi-lingual layers for any data object


• WebSync is an innovative web browser feature that collects web contents in various formats and synchronize such data into CybEye .
• WebSync consists of 4 components : PageLink, Content, Screenshot, and Photos.
PageLink allows you to forward the current webpage link as a favorite item into your specified event.
• Content parses the current webpage and inserts the text portion of the webpage as a chat item into your specified event.
• Screenshot takes a snapshot of the current page and offers editing options such as zoom in/out and a drawing pen, and forward it as a photo item into your specified event.
Photos collects all the images on the current page and auto feed them into your specified event.

21515 Hawthorne Blvd, Suite 690
Torrance, CA 90503