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One of the most important missions of the American International Chamber of Commerce is to promote academic exchanges of students and teachers of AICC. By fostering an environment for international learning, it is our hope that we enable our students to become “world-wise” citizens with global-thinking futures.

In addition to our work with the public schools, we develop and present on-going partner programs with many universties throughout the Los Angeles area, including University of South California, University of California, California State University Los Angeles and East Los Angeles.
In the past, the Chamber has also worked with the many American cities organize exchanges with our sister cities and sister schools in Asia Pacific countries.

The AICC membership training at the school enrolling students who are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic excellence and personal conduct. An interdisciplinary curriculum requires each student to develop as a broadly educated person. The training programs is offered in 98 fields of study, and the is offered in seven areas. The training programs are offered at the headquarters located in Los Angeles; and additional campuses and offices located including East Los Angeles . The training & certification program also is available for international government officials and entrepreneur students.

We are working on a joint venture on the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program and Membership Programs Training with unversity of top 5 programs in the USA.

Sample Custom Program Modules

The following represents a working list of course modules, which can be offered in various instructional formats. Some require at least a full-day of instruction; others can be offered in halfday and multi-day formats.

Most of these modules were originally developed as AICC training courses, which were taught over a ten-week period with one three-hour meeting per week. Some have been offered in intensive formats involving four or five full days of instruction. The content of each module can be expanded, contracted, and adapted to meet the needs of specific clients. Modules also can be offered together to create an effective and more comprehensive training program.

The list offers a representative sample of the types of courses which AICC traning offers on a regular basis. Additional modules and topics can be provided upon request.

Courses can be offered on the AICC campus or in other universities campus in Los Angeles area or delivered overseas. When programs are held in Los Angeles, relevant course-related site visits can serve to reinforce and complement classroom lectures and discussions. Experienced interpreters also can be provided as needed.

We have access to instructors who are world leaders in the areas of financial services, international trade, law, transportation, environmental issues, entertainment, digital media, entrepreneurship,
and many other topics. The majority of AICC training instructors are working professionals who are practitioners in their respective fields and who bring a practical, hands-on perspective to our courses. As part of the AICC, the AICC Training Division has a direct
link to one of the finest universities in the world.

Organizations seeking to expand management and leadership expertise, as well as encouraging entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity, will benefit from AICC training custom programs.
Custom Programs:

Leadership Management:
Cultural Sensitivity & Understanding
Organizational Development and Change Management
Strategic Leadership and Planning
Business Ethics
Knowledge Management
Performance Management
Operations Management
Supply Chain Management
Project Management Overview
Project Management Risk Analysis
Project Management Leadership (full day recommended)
Leading & Motivating Employees
Monitoring and Controlling Workflow
Delivering Effective Presentations
Custom Entrepreneurship Program

Cross-Cultural Communication
Becoming a More Effective Communicator (also available to technical audience in TMP)

International Business Management:
Fundamentals of International Business
Import/Export Operations and Techniques
International Economics
Global Business Skills
Doing Business in the U.S.
Fundamentals of International Finance
International Business Management
International Business Policies and Strategies
Global Business Skills for the Executive Manager
International Marketing Strategy

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Confederation Institute of Education

The Confucius Institute of Education (dba Confederation Institute of Education) is affiliated with the American International Chamber of Commerce, focuses on research and teaching for entrepreneurial education offers industry-specific, executive development programs designed to develop essential skills and to build effective and profitable organizations. Programs provide participants with up-to-date theory and practice in such areas as strategy, marketing, finance, operations, and management. Confederation Institute of Education is an approved 501 (c)(3) tax exempt non-profits organization.

International Business Programs (Certificate)
Build the critical international business skills you need to advance your career and excel in high-performing organizations. Our diverse range of programs allows you to specialize in a variety of fields. You receive practical learning integrated with today’s most sought-after knowledge areas: globalization, ethical leadership, business communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and technology.

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