Franklin International Group

Franklin International Group was established in 1999 and the FIG team have the most experience. In fact at the start of the search engines we were companies’ advertising in our respective categories such as reverse merger, public shell company, OTC Exchange etc. The law firm that we have been partnered with for over twenty years has now grown to the point that it is now recognized and ranked with the SEC as the firm that represented the highest number of pre-effective IPO registrations in the States.

We don’t get paid unless we perform and get your company listed. All monies are paid in staged payments to an escrow attorney and are not to be released as per agreement between us until certain milestones are reached. Bottom line: We don’t get paid until your company is listed and trading on the OTC Exchange period.
We are the most competitively priced consulting company to list private companies on the OTC Exchange. Our price of and shares includes absolutely every aspect of the listing process including all legal, subscription agreements, offering memorandum, supply of licensed sponsoring market maker to file a 15C211 on behalf of your company etc. The only thing that is not included in our price is the cost of having your audit completed, electronic filing fees and transfer agent fees. You do not give up any shares to us for assisting in listing your company. You could keep 100% of your company.
We could introduce you to third party such as auditors, electronic filing agents or transfer agents. Our transfer agent will give you first class rapid speed personal service.

We do not make promises that we are going to raise capital for your company if you use our listing services. At times we have assisted clients in the raising of capital but we do not make that promise to everyone that calls our office as some other consulting firms do. I do not believe that wise Businessmen/women believe that story.

If a promise is made to you by another consulting company that if you use their services they will raise you money, you should suggest that they raise the money first. You could than use all or a portion of the money that they raise for your company to pay for their services.

Franklin International Group Start Up Program

FIG is pleased to announce business Start Up program for small, micro cap and nano cap companies. The Start Up program is designed for nano cap companies with revenues in the $500k to $700k dollar range to access capital through public markets and through private placements of accredited investors.

If you believe your company qualifies, or if you are looking for capital to get your small/nano cap company off the ground and to the next level, please contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction.

Although your company is a start up, you should have some infrastructure in place, such as office or a warehouse, and you should be in the position to start generating revenues, or you are generating some revenues already. If your company doesn’t generate revenues, then we require that the company has some asset, or “some skin” in the game, where you are proceeding with your business plan and seeing your business plan come to fruition.

If this is within your parameters, and you are looking to take your nano cap company up to the next level, by accessing additional capital, please feel free to contact one of our consultants at your earliest convenience, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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