TRI J Group Inc., USA

TRI J Group Inc., USA was established in 2008. TRI J Group is a International health medical investment and services system in the USA.

TRI J Group , since its establishment, has been committed to the communications and cooperation in trade between the USA and China, bringing the advanced medical care technology, equipment and managerial concepts of the USA to China.

Investment Cooperation Project of Hospital’s Clinical Laboratory

TRI J Group Company head office is located in Los Angeles in US. Since it’s inception, the company has been committed to the international trade cooperation between China and US. meanwhile, introducing advanced medical technology, equipment and management conception to China. The current hospital clinical laboratory investment cooperation projects in China are as follows:

1. The whole automatic biochemical immune analysis system
2. Automated blood cell analysis system
3. Automatic thrombus/hemostatic analysis system
4. Full automatic enzyme immunoassay system
5. Full automatic urine analysis system
6. Automatic blood gas analysis system
7. Automatic blood group analysis system
8. Full automatic TCT analysis system
9. Automated nucleic acid analysis system
10. Full automatic microbial analysis system

Established Modern Microbiology Laboratory in China

Project Introduction

I. Origin of Antibiotics
In 1928, British bacteriologist Alexander Fleming invented penicillin. Since then, antibiotics represented by penicillin have saved thousands of people from diseases and made great contributions to human health. However, the over-reliance on antibiotics and abuse in recent years has made drug-resistant strains develop rapidly. Drug-resistant strains, along with multidrug-resistant TB and HIV, have become one of three pathogenic microorganisms, which pose great threats to human health. It is worried that whether humans will return to the no penicillin era due to body’s resistance to antibiotics.

II. Abuse of Antibiotics in China:
China has been one of the world’s most serious countries on abuse of antibiotics for a long time. China has passed some relative policies, but the effect is still not significant. According to WHO statistics, in hospitalized patients the rate of actual usage of antibiotics has been up to 80%. The usage of broad-spectrum antibiotics and joint use of two or more antibiotics accounts for 58%, which is 30% higher than international level. In British and United States and other developed countries, the usage rate is only 22%~25%. According to incomplete statistics, among the top 15 drugs in terms of usage and sales, there are 10 types of antibiotics. The spending on antibiotics used by hospitalized patients accounts for over 50% of total expenditure, which is much higher than international level (15%~30%). According to Center for Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) monitoring in China, 1/3 ADR cases are caused by antibiotics. The number of reported cases of adverse reactions of antibiotics accounts for nearly 50% of all case reports of adverse reactions of Chinese and Western medicine. The number and severity are ranked in the top of all kinds of drugs. Especially in recent years, the improper use of antibiotics has caused a yearly increase in the varieties of drug-resistant pathogenic strains and in other induced infections in hospitals. Doctors, with the right to prescribe, are undoubtedly the key factor in the rational use of antibiotics. The backwardness of microbiology laboratory conditions, lack of expertise and ideas of technical staffs lead to fail to provide accurate and effective test results, which is one of important reasons hindering clinicians from using antibiotics rationally. Only by enhancing the experimental level of microbiology laboratory, coupled with the strict government control, clinical abuse of antibiotics, at least, can be effectively controlled.

III. Introduction and Plan of the Company

TRI J Group Inc., USA, since its establishment, has been committed to the communications and cooperation in trade between the USA and China, bringing the advanced medical care technology, equipment and managerial concepts of Advanced Countries in the world to China. TRI J Group has not only established friendly cooperative relationships with domestic and foreign clinical microbial products manufacturers but also accumulated rich clinical experience and a network of expert resources of the microbial world home and abroad. Besides, TRI J Group has trained a large number of clinical technicians specializing on micro-organisms in the frontline. TRI J Group plans to entrust bacteria laboratory in hospitals of AAA Level to establish modern microbiology laboratories in China by means of technical cooperation. Theselaboratories will attract Queen Mary Hospital and learn relative experiment technologies and experience from the most developed countries around the world. Combined with holding various clinical microbiological academic exchanges in and outside the hospital on a regular basis, the company decides to gradually upgrade laboratory capacity through the introduction of the most advanced experimental facilities and management processes from abroad, and domestic and foreign experts on-site guidance and training of the laboratory staff in other countries. The total investment is nearly RMB 10 million yuan on one bacteria laboratory. TRI J Group strives to make this microbiology laboratory close to international standards, to further improve the level of development of microbiological experiment in local and surrounding areas of this microbiology laboratory and to improve the health system in China and the domestic government image, so the patients and ourselves can be better served.

TRI J Group is a corporate standard membership of AICC.

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