Webinar: Opportunities in Uruguay and Shipping in Latin America

Webinar: Doing Business in Uruguay and Understanding Shipping in Latin America!
A number of key factors make Uruguay a promising market for U.S. exporters:
Favorable exchange rates,
Higher wages,
Historically low employment,
Consumer confidence, and
Strategic location,

Uruguay offers significant opportunities in key industry and service sectors for U.S. firms seeking to expand to the MERCOSUR trade bloc. Uruguay has experienced robust economic growth over the past decade registering annual average growth rates of 5.4 percent from 2004 to 2014.

Join the webinar Wednesday to learn why this means opportunity for your business!

Wednesday, May 18
11am-12:15pm EST
Cost: $40

This webinar is part of a series supporting Trade Winds–Latin America, your opportunity to connect directly with seven of Latin America’s most-promising markets.

Trade Winds will feature a Latin America business forum in Chile, along with trade mission stops in six promising Latin American markets. Join us in September to connect your business with the opportunities in this region!

Why Uruguay?

The United States is Uruguay’s fourth largest trading partner.
Uruguay experienced steady economic growth over the past decade where private consumption has been a key driver.
Strategically located, Uruguay offers U.S. firms significant advantages as a regional distribution hub and excellent test market to expand throughout the MERCOSUR trade bloc.
The U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean reported that Uruguay has the second most equal income-distribution in Latin America.
There are thirteen free trade zones in Uruguay, three of which are solely dedicated to services.

What you’ll learn in our webinar:

Uruguay’s most promising sectors for U.S. exports –telecommunications equipment, security, IT computer hardware, fertilizers, renewable energy equipment, chemicals, construction equipment, agriculture equipment, environmental technologies, education, and more!
Best practices from exporters already doing business and succeeding in the market.
Navigating the most common challenges faced by U.S. exporters in Uruguay.
Discovering shipping methods to Latin America.
The next steps your company can take to successfully capitalize on potential opportunities in the Uruguayan market through the 2016 Trade Winds Latin America Forum.

Opportunities in key industry sectors:

Uruguay’s current administration has prioritized investing in infrastructure, improving education and security, and enhancing competitiveness.