Cultural Summer Camp for Adolescent

AICC Summer Camp 16 Day

AICC has been dedicated to promoting the U.S.- China educational exchange and supporting Chinese students to attend the summer camps held in the U.S. This Cultural Summer Camp is one of the summer camp events organized and promoted by AICC. We believe that your teachers and students will gain invaluable knowledge and experience with American education, culture, art and society by attending this unique Cultural Summer Camp. You will make friends with American teachers and students, visit museum and schools, and spend a very happy time. It will be an unforgettable memory in your life.

August 1 to 14, 2016
August 12 to 28, 2016
16 Day
Beijing- Los Angeles – New York-Beijing

Day Morning Schedule Touring Spot Accommodation
1 Beijing – Los Angeles East Los Angeles Collage Holiday Inn Pasadena-Colorado Blvd.
2 Universal Studios Universal Studios Holiday Inn Pasadena-Colorado Blvd.
3 Disneyland Disneyland Holiday Inn Pasadena-Colorado Blvd.
4 Los Angeles – New York   Columbia University
5 ELA Lesson: Team Up to Explore

Science Lesson: Types of Ecosystems

New York Aquarium Columbia University
6 ELA Lesson: Dynamic Earth

Science Lesson: Living Things of the


American Museum of Natural History Columbia University
7 ELA Lesson: Wonders in the Sky

Science Lesson: The Solar System

Hayden Planetarium Columbia University
8 ELA Lesson: Flight

Science Lesson: Exploring Forces

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum Columbia University
9 ELA Lesson: Investigations

Science Lesson: Animals Grow and


Bronx Zoo Columbia University
10 ELA Lesson: Inventions

Science Lesson: Elements and


Madame Tussaud

Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

Columbia University
11 A Primary School in New York, Tongmei’s Sister School   Columbia University
12 Macy’s Macy’s Columbia University
13 ELA Lesson: Using Money

Science Lesson: Chemical Changes

Fifth Avenue

Empire State Building

Times Square

Wall Street

New York Stock Exchange

Columbia University








14 ELA Lesson: Literary Lesson

Science Lesson: Saving Resources

Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York Public Library

Columbia University
15 ELA Lesson: Our Government

Science Lesson: Exploring Energy

Federal Hall National Memorial Columbia University
16 New York – Beijing  

Los Angeles: 213-255-2066
Beijing: 010-6708-3166