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Thursday, March 17, 2016
8:30 am to 2:30 pm (PDT)
UCI Applied Innovation / The Cove
5141 California Ave.,
Irvine, CA 92697

You saw us bring together an AMAZING group of successful people and experts willing to share their time and insight with an audience of creative inventors and entrepreneurs.

If you weren’t able to make it that day or tune in to the live stream, you’re in luck! Below you’ll find links to the live stream recording of the forum and two excellent PowerPoint presentations that USPTO attorneys Jason Lott and Jeff Siew presented.

U.S. Small Business Administration, Santa Ana District Office

Business in America


America’s economic growth and international competitiveness depend on our ability to innovate. President Obama believes that we will create the jobs and industries of the future and restore middle class security by doing what America does best – investing in the creativity and imagination of our people. We must out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world to ensure that our nation achieves rapid, sustained and broad-based economic growth.

Small Business

President Obama is committed to helping America’s small businesses grow and prosper. Small businesses are the engines of job creation and essential to strengthening our national economy. That’s why he has cut taxes for small businesses and helped them get access to the capital they need to expand and create the jobs we need now and for decades to come. And that’s why the American Jobs Act provides tax relief for every small business, rewards for those that hire and invest and includes new measures to cut red tape and ease access to capital.

Competing Globally

President Obama set a goal of doubling America’s exports within five years and his Administration is taking steps to do just that: getting Congress to pass three critical trade agreements, expanding loans to exporters, preserving the free flow of information on the Internet and promoting American manufacturing. And he is working to make America the best place for people to do business, by reforming our patent system, improving our infrastructure, and investing in our workers.

To restore security to the middle class and create an economy built to last – that creates the jobs of the future and makes things the rest of the world buys -we have to out-innovate the competition. But to win that competition, American companies must be able to take their ideas to market quickly without the constraints of undue regulation and costs. That’s why President Obama has directed his Administration to reduce barriers to American business success, including reforming our patent system, reviewing federal regulations, and promoting trade.


President Obama knows that today’s entrepreneurs are tomorrow’s Fortune 500 companies and exemplify America’s competitive edge in ingenuity and innovation. That is why the President has tasked his administration with crafting policies that eliminate barriers to startup formation, drive investment to the best ideas, and accelerate the growth of young companies in the marketplace.

( White House)

Miss Asia International

Miss Asia International Pageant competition began in and became part of the American society in the 1980’s and competition in USA originated as a marketing event going to Asian country from in 2000’s, Miss Asia International competition was organized and title under operated that by a non-profit organizations American International Chamber of Commerce owner who wanted to promote the development of International trade, investment, Tourism, cultural Industry and related to sustainable development between United States and all the countries.

Miss Asia International Pageant is a women’s empowerment principles: equality means business, Miss Asia International Pageant through the event to increase empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors is essential to build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability, and improve the quality of life for women, families and communities.

Miss Asia International Pageant is efforts to advance gender equality and empower women. Current research demonstrating that gender diversity helps business perform better signals that self-interest and common interest can come together. Yet, ensuring the inclusion of women’s talents, skills and energies – from executive offices to the factory floor and the supply chain – requires intentional actions and deliberate policies.

Miss Asia International Pageant through the event to increase the women’s empowerment principles offer practical guidance to business and the private sector on how to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community. AICC developed through a partnership between UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact, the principles are designed the pageant to support companies in reviewing existing policies and practices – or establishing new ones – to realize women’s empowerment.

The Miss Asia International Pageant competition are one of the largest and fastest growing Asia beauty pageants in world grossing over 50M population television and news papers and internet audiences visitors every annual pageant year in Asian counties in mainland China, Southeast Asia, East Asia and America. AICC are given out the award in final competition. Top 4 and other 10 item outstanding candidate’s contestants receive the award of pageant. All contestants say it is worth all the effort since happiness, confidence, pride and a sense of accomplishment. The winner will accept honors and will to start a modeling and acting career through pageant in the future.

The participants must be a naturally born female of at least 10% Asian ancestry or Asian nationality or from the Asian continent 16-30 age young women. The pageant consists of modeling sportswear, evening attire, dance and talent. The contestants are judged based on individuality in looks, capability, poise, perfection and confidence. The every annual pageant prizes differ depending on the size of the contest; Scholarship, International traveling packages, cash awards, trophies and tiaras. The criteria considered in judging a pageant are interviews, personality, looks, confidence and talent, depending on the specific competition. The different co-sponsors will host the pageant in region country of pageant.

The Miss Asia International Pageant organization works with many organizations to select a queen to represent her city and carry her city title to the national pageant to compete for the title of Miss Asia International. If you are interesting in developing a pageant, please contact our committee office. This is a great opportunity for you to join co-sponsor with the Miss Asia International.

Preparing for the pageant requires time and patience, hair lasting and make-up. Pageant requires different performances participants to practice rehearsal before competition. According to the AICC, the corporate sponsors and region undertaking organization has a requirement within to place a special license permission in order to promote the pageant. Courtesies at the pageant and other events as well as additional exposure as a support of Miss Asia International Beauty Pageant.

The Miss Asia International Pageant is a international cultural event project under the American International Chamber of Commerce. AICC is a business association local organization member of United Nations Global Compact and strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption through the international beauty pageant.

Dreams can be true and do start from Miss Asia International Pageant, a movie, book or even a person; Lets start acting out your dream. There is opportunity to compete for a prestigious great international beauty pageant title – Miss Asia International.

All members interested in serving at the Miss Asia International Pageant competition are welcome to contact our office about joining committees. You are welcome to join us for the pageant. Sponsorship opportunities are available for Miss Asia International Beauty Pageant, the great beauty pageant event to represent your business on behalf of the sponsors – an ideal way to promote and expand awareness of your company and products or services.

Welcome join to Miss Asia International and Compete for the Crown!

For more information about Miss Asia International Pageant great events, welcome visits the official website at:

Borad and Director

Miss Asia International Pageant Committee
Jason Quin, Executive Chairman

About AICC

The American International Chamber of Commerce (AICC) is a non-profit international business organization comprised of entrepreneurs, executives and leaders from across the globe whom are engaged in trade and industry within the International chamber of commerce region of the world. With offices in America, Asia, Europe, Africa and a growing presence throughout the world, we’d like to welcome you to our many exciting events happening across the globe. Many of our events are open to Non-members, we invite you to come preview what we are all about.
AICC mission is to promote the development of trade and investment opportunities between the United States and all the countries. Our Asia Pacific Committee is focus in China, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Australia and other Asia Pacific countries.The AICC has more the corporate and individual members, and represents international companies doing business in the United States. Our current membership includes small, mid-sized and large manufacturing companies, service providers, nonprofit organizations and individuals. The development and activities of AICC are guided by its Board of Directors. Permanent committees are charged with the responsibility of planning programs, developing membership and new services, consequently providing for the continued growth of our organization and the improvement of its operations.

AICC joined the United Nations Global Compact network. The Global Compact network includes a number of important business associations representing leading companies from around the world. These associations are well known for their thought-leadership and private-sector expertise on critical issues related to sustainable development and corporate citizenship.


  • To promote the development of trade, commerce, and investment between the United States and International.
  • To provide a forum in which international businesses in the United States can identify and discuss common interests regarding their commercial interests in the United States.
  • To work with organizations in the American on matters of mutual interest.
  • To maintain relations with the Chamber of Commerce of the United States and other Chambers of Commerce or commercial organizations elsewhere.
  • To do all other lawful things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objectives.
  • Focuses on government-to-government outreach with corporate and academic support to expand trade and investment through provinces and municipalities of China . The investment by Chinese companies in the American will be facilitated by the AICC.
  • Seeks to increase understanding throughout the China’s markets and resources, to showcase as America ‘s most dynamic region, and to develop knowledge in China of investment opportunities in the United States and the export potential of America ‘s companies.


Membership Meetings – AICC invites all of our members, and interested guests, to attend membership event. The guest speakers will give an informational presentation on current topics of interest to the foreign business community in the United States.

Seminar & Luncheon Programs – AICC hosts day-long, half-day and luncheon presentations on a regular basis, featuring in depth coverage of current, relevant topics. These gatherings also offer members an opportunity to meet and talk with decision-makers in an open and informal atmosphere. The seminar programs are aimed at enhancing business and interpersonal skills for professionals at all levels.

Committee Meetings – Committees play an important role in the creative aspect of the Chamber, as committees identify relevant industry specific topics and design forums for further discussion and education.

Community Involvement – AICC is committed to making the community in which we all live and work, a better one. The Chamber supports charity events each year and encourages member companies to become involved in Chamber related and other community projects.

The American International Chamber of Commerce (AICC) is a fast growing business organization uniting over 9000 American and international companies operating in the country.

We are committed to participating in the international business community and forging new commercial relationships abroad.


AICC goods and services got registered and approval by
the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director David Kappos on March 23 2009
Registration Number is: 3765637

AICC goods and services:

Chamber of commerce services, namely, promoting business and tourism between the United States and Asia; Consulting services in the field of marketing of educational training; Convention and visitors bureau services, namely, promoting tourism, business and conventions in the United States and Asia; Organizer of exhibitions and trade fairs for business and promotional purposes; Organizer of business conventions; Organizing, promoting and conducting exhibitions, tradeshows and events for business purposes; Public relations, advertising and marketing services for the tourism and convention industry, namely, organizing and hosting site inspections and familiarization tours for wholesalers, tour operators, travel agents, meeting and incentive travel planners and travel media.

AICC is a business associations number of the UN Global Compact network of associations are well known for thought-leadership and private-sector expertise on critical issues related to sustainable development and corporate citizenship.

UN Global Compact network Official website business associations list link at:

To learn more about getting involved and how support the goals and objective of the AICC organization through corporate partnerships or through membership benefits, Please visit our official website at: to learn more about our chamber.