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Trade and Investment Overview, Chinese Direct Investment in USA

According to the U.S. State Department, China has been one of the world’s fastest growing economies over the last several years, and its efforts to reform and modernize have helped transform China into a large trading economy. China’s total trade is more than $3.6 trillion, making it the second largest trading nation and the country with the second largest economy in the world. This translates into enormous opportunities for U.S./California exporters.

U.S.-China trade has risen rapidly over the last several decades. Total trade between the two nations has increased from $4.8 billion in 1980 to slightly more than $536 billion in 2012. U.S. exports to China in 2012 were approximately $110.6 billion, a steady increase from previous years.

In 2012, China continued as California’s third largest export destination, with more than $14 billion in exports. Computer and electronic products accounted for approximately 28 percent of exports, totaling close to $3.9 billion. Waste and scrap material brought in $2.4 billion, or 17.4 percent, while both the machinery (except electrical) and the transportation equipment categories each accounted for approximately 10 percent of the total, with roughly $1.4 billion in exports each. U.S. Department of Commerce

The Rhodium Group estimates that Chinese firms now employ 27,000 people in the U.S., up from fewer than 10,000 five years ago. Asia Society, October 2012

Are you considering investing in the United States? The United States offers firms from around the world an open, stable market with may opportunities for profit. This questionnaire will provide tools and services to help your firm be successful in the United States and connect with AICC Team.

AICC is the international effort to facilitate business investment in the US and can serve as a starting point for all of your business investment needs. Additionally, AICC offers an membership service that can help resolve issues that may arise involving federal regulations, rules, programs, or activities related to existing, pending and potential investments.

If you would like to be contacted by a member of the AICC team, please fill out the form below. Please be as specific as possible so we can ensure the correct team member responds to your concerns. Do not include any trade secrets, commercial or financial information, or information that you might consider privileged or confidential.


Welcome AICC Training

AICC Membership Training Programs & Certification

Training Education

One of the most important missions of the American International Chamber of Commerce is to promote academic exchanges of students and teachers of AICC. By fostering an environment for international learning, it is our hope that we enable our students to become “world-wise” citizens with global-thinking futures.

In addition to our work with the public schools, we develop and present on-going partner programs with many universties throughout the Los Angeles area, including University of South California, University of California, California State University Los Angeles and East Los Angeles.
In the past, the Chamber has also worked with the many American cities organize exchanges with our sister cities and sister schools in Asia Pacific countries.

The AICC membership training at the school enrolling students who are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic excellence and personal conduct. An interdisciplinary curriculum requires each student to develop as a broadly educated person. The training programs is offered in 98 fields of study, and the is offered in seven areas. The training programs are offered at the headquarters located in Los Angeles; and additional campuses and offices located including East Los Angeles . The training & certification program also is available for international government officials and entrepreneur students.

We are working on a joint venture on the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program and Membership Programs Training with unversity of top 5 programs in the USA.

Sample Custom Program Modules

The following represents a working list of course modules, which can be offered in various instructional formats. Some require at least a full-day of instruction; others can be offered in halfday and multi-day formats.

Most of these modules were originally developed as AICC training courses, which were taught over a ten-week period with one three-hour meeting per week. Some have been offered in intensive formats involving four or five full days of instruction. The content of each module can be expanded, contracted, and adapted to meet the needs of specific clients. Modules also can be offered together to create an effective and more comprehensive training program.

The list offers a representative sample of the types of courses which AICC traning offers on a regular basis. Additional modules and topics can be provided upon request.

Courses can be offered on the AICC campus or in other universities campus in Los Angeles area or delivered overseas. When programs are held in Los Angeles, relevant course-related site visits can serve to reinforce and complement classroom lectures and discussions. Experienced interpreters also can be provided as needed.

We have access to instructors who are world leaders in the areas of financial services, international trade, law, transportation, environmental issues, entertainment, digital media, entrepreneurship,
and many other topics. The majority of AICC training instructors are working professionals who are practitioners in their respective fields and who bring a practical, hands-on perspective to our courses. As part of the AICC, the AICC Training Division has a direct
link to one of the finest universities in the world.

Organizations seeking to expand management and leadership expertise, as well as encouraging entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity, will benefit from AICC training custom programs.
Custom Programs:

Leadership Management:
Cultural Sensitivity & Understanding
Organizational Development and Change Management
Strategic Leadership and Planning
Business Ethics
Knowledge Management
Performance Management
Operations Management
Supply Chain Management
Project Management Overview
Project Management Risk Analysis
Project Management Leadership (full day recommended)
Leading & Motivating Employees
Monitoring and Controlling Workflow
Delivering Effective Presentations
Custom Entrepreneurship Program

Cross-Cultural Communication
Becoming a More Effective Communicator (also available to technical audience in TMP)

International Business Management:
Fundamentals of International Business
Import/Export Operations and Techniques
International Economics
Global Business Skills
Doing Business in the U.S.
Fundamentals of International Finance
International Business Management
International Business Policies and Strategies
Global Business Skills for the Executive Manager
International Marketing Strategy

for more information about AICC training programs,please contract at:


Confederation Institute of Education

The Confucius Institute of Education (dba Confederation Institute of Education) is affiliated with the American International Chamber of Commerce, focuses on research and teaching for entrepreneurial education offers industry-specific, executive development programs designed to develop essential skills and to build effective and profitable organizations. Programs provide participants with up-to-date theory and practice in such areas as strategy, marketing, finance, operations, and management. Confederation Institute of Education is an approved 501 (c)(3) tax exempt non-profits organization.

International Business Programs (Certificate)
Build the critical international business skills you need to advance your career and excel in high-performing organizations. Our diverse range of programs allows you to specialize in a variety of fields. You receive practical learning integrated with today’s most sought-after knowledge areas: globalization, ethical leadership, business communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and technology.

cieusa logo 072815

Visit the Confederation Institute of Education official website at:


Membership Service Center

The AICC has a officially appointed member service providers/ Our membership commercial service for the companies and individuals.

The services include helping the American companies, its members, to enter the Asia Pacific countries and market, helping the Asia Pacific companies to enter the international market by providing marketing plan and other relating services, helping its members to know the develops and business chances in the international market promptly, Advancing its members’ competitiveness, and helping its members to profit in the international trading, investment, business, education, and media market. It also provides consultation service in business training, education, and exchange.

AICC helps American companies to find the commercial partners in Asia Pacific countries, and provides the information in the investment regulations and laws. We provides the free information about the American commercial policies and laws on its website, helps American companies to develop economically. It also helps companies to develop a good relationship with the foreign governments. It also provides the consultation services in international investment and immigration. It can provide perfect and professional services to its members and clients.

Global economic will be unified further more in the future, and the market will be leaded by the customers. For advancing their competitiveness, small and middle size companies must create strategical partner relationship with other companies to succeed in their business. The members of AICC will cooperate with each other. This business resource will bring members the advantage of competitive position. We welcome you to be a member of the AICC .


The AICC has several strategic advisory committees that work to implement the various goals and objectives of the international strategic plan for economic development.
International Investment Division
Public Relations Committee
Public Policy Committee
Green Economy Committee
Workforce Development Committee
Infrastructure Committee
World Trade Committee
World Job Council
Strategic Advisory Committees
Economic Development Committee
Business Friendly Committee

The AICC all Committees works to attract, retain, and grow membership companies and investment in the United States and world. Membership of AICC’s committees and subgroups are open to members of the AICC. Go here for membership details.

Your investment – at any level – helps the AICC achieve success in building a strong economy. However, we encourage you to consider greater levels of commitment. All members enjoy the general benefits detailed below, however higher commitments have increased visibility and participation.

If you are already a member and would like to get involved, please contact AICC at

Our Network

The American International Chamber of Commerce (AICC) is a non-profit membership organization serving economic developers. With more than 9,000 international members, AICC is the international chamber of commerce organization of its kind in the States. Economic developers promote economic well-being and quality of life for their communities, by creating, retaining and expanding jobs that facilitate growth, enhance wealth and provide a stable tax base. From public to private, rural to urban, and local to international, AICC’s members are engaged in the full range of economic development experience. Given the breadth of economic development work, our members are employed in a wide variety of settings including local, state, provincial and federal governments, public private partnerships, chambers of commerce, universities and a variety of other institutions. When we succeed, our members create high-quality jobs, develop vibrant communities, and improve the quality of life in their regions.

Our international network of strategic relationships is one of our key assets and competitive advantages. Since our founding, American International Chamber of Commerce has cultivated extensive relationships with prominent business leaders, entrepreneurs and corporations throughout the Pacific Rim region and USA.

We assist our membership companies in going public on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), American Stock Exchange (AMEX), NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations), OTCBB (Over the Counter Bulletin Board) and the Pink Sheets.

There are no asset or revenue requirements to go public on the OTC Bulletin Board or the Pink Sheets; so, even a start-up can go public. Our firm also helps foreign private companies to go public or foreign public companies with dual listings or ADR’s (American Depositary Receipts).

American International Chamber of Commerce help our members to develop smart long-term strategies for leveraging multiple financial platforms in order to help them acquire customers and build deep and powerful relationships within their respective market spaces. extended network includes many leading specialists in China, US, Asia and European finance. American International Chamber of Commerce advisers and agencies team has worked with most major US investment banks, including Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, DLJ, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Banc Alex Brown, and Arnhold and S. Bleischroeder.

By working in conjunction with our network of strategic and advisory partners, we are better able to identify and evaluate new investment opportunities, as well as provide our portfolio companies with access to overseas customers, suppliers, partners and markets. As a result, our portfolio companies benefit not only from the capital and advice that we provide, but also from the breadth of our network and its wealth of local and global resources.

American International Chamber of Commerce strategic partners include leading financial institutions from the US, Europe and Asia. In the US, AICC is allied with partners, a leading underwriter for OTCBB and Nasdaq IPO’s. AICC is a perennial leader in small and mid-cap public offerings.


Welcome to join us.

Welcome to the American International Chamber of Commerce. We are a Non-profit Organization comprised of Entrepreneurs, Executives and Leaders from across the globe, actively engaged in trade and industry within the Pacific Rim region of the world. If you wish to expand your business into this important, diverse region or to remain well-informed of the global events surrounding it, the AICC brings together an diverse network of expertise that your organization can benefit from.

Service for members
Would you like to get help when exporting and importing Chinese goods and products?
Would you like to be an agent or dealer of Chinese goods and services?
Would you like to connect with Chinese companies and corporations?

AICC is the most authoritative international chamber in China. As a international chamber membership services and national regional centers, AICC Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu and Xian branch office provides exclusive and individual services for the members in all around China.

AICC are dedicated in promoting international communication and cooperation and providing members with a wide range of opportunities to build and participate in cooperation.

Exclusive Service Items

International economy and trade
Collaborated with governments and corporations of various countries, AICC promotes high-quality international goods and services. By taking part in international procure delegations, members can enjoy the convenience of visiting the expositions of major industries in China; informing with the latest goods’ information and finding high-quality goods and services. This service can guarantee that all the international expositions the members visit are superior ones that held and confirmed by China central and local government. All of them are and have the potential of international cooperation.

Matching the business
AICC will help members to establish business connection with foreign, especially American corporations; match member corporations with Chinese exporting companies according to the requirements of them. Besides, for those going abroad American members, AICC will help them to visit target companies to negotiate and exchange to realize cooperation. Also, they can find suitable importers, dealers, agents or business partners according to their mutual benefit.

Business Information
Working together with the Commerce Department of China, CCPIT and important commerce departments and embassies and consultants in China of various countries, Chinese and world famous investment consulting companies, AICC can provide members with fluently business information. By using the AICC comprehensive information forum, members could search international production information, match the export goods and corporations’ information so that they can find ideal agents, dealers, importers and partners.

Business Directory
AICC can provide members with information of all industries that compiled by various departments of Chinese government, the Commerce Department of China, CCPIT, foreign countries embassies and consultants in China, international trade advisers. It includes the directory of Chinese business service companies, which offer professional service of investing in China, holding expositions in China. It involves the fields of law, tourism, finance, logistics, marketing, immigration, real estates and so on.

Business Services
AICC provides all kinds of services that include registering Chinese companies or branches in China, purchasing and reorganizing multinational corporations, issuing bonds and private placement, transform companies’ stock rights, financing banks and capital markets, establishing individual proprietorship and joint ventures, and business consultant.

Investing in USA

Investing in China
The legal system of China has the advantages of standardization and transparency, low tax, perfect infrastructure and the most lucrative consumer market. Therefore, it is the most ideal place for living a happy life and expanding enterprises. Chinese government welcomes foreign investors and provides a stable and friendly market for them. AICC will try its best to offer service for the members to help them live a peaceful life in China; support them to invest in China and migrate to China; assist them in buying properties and all other follow-up services.

Personalized Service Items

Membership Fellowship
Members can take part in the business parties, various kinds of fellowship activities, themed parties and lectures, seminars, product introduction meetings, banquets, public benefit activities that held by AICC. They can expand social connections and commercial sources, improve business opportunities and friendship. They have the priority to participate in the international expositions, themed activities to contact with high-end delegations from both domestic and abroad.

Business Visit
AICC will arrange trade and business delegations that members can join. By taking part in those delegations, members can expand their international markets. There will also have exchange visits of business delegations. AICC will be responsible for safe international travel of the whole journey and offer access service. AICC will arrange various kinds of international expositions, trade fairs, international activities and business trips.

Training for Study Abroad
AICC will provide professional management training, business administration training, long or short term training of various professional courses. At the same time, it also offers trainings and intermediate services for the children of members who would like to go abroad which includes the service of the study of middle school, high school and universities.

Consultant Service
AICC provide the personalized service of legal consultant, investment consultant, financial and accounting consultant, immigration consultant.

High-end visits
AICC can help members to get invitation letters for visa application, to meet with China government dignitaries, companies’ executives. Members can visit state council, all levels of Chinese government departments. They also can meet the Chinese NPC deputies and CPPCC members. AICC can also help members to get honorary citizens, and sister cities.

Work and Residence Visas
Members can get safety and secured immigrant investor programs services that guaranteed by the AICC legal team. AICC can provide those members with sweeping service. AICC help members to get business visa, tourist visa, student visa and work permit.

If you didn’t attend, you really missed the party of the year! The American International Chamber of Commerce, AICC has kicked off a relationship to raise awareness and funds for business research and we fully intend to keep up the momentum!

How do apply:

1. Institutional Membership
2. Organizational & Entrepreneur Membership
3. Individual Membership

AICC membership is open to public for Individual, Institutional , Organizational & Entrepreneur. Please download and fill in the Membership Application Form and send it back to (Email: or Fax to: 213-255-2077).
The membership is granted by decision of the AICC upon thorough review of information requested by the AICC secretariat and review and assessment of the AICC ’s eligibility for membership. Than notice you to pay the mebership fee.

AICC Membership Fee List:
Entrepreneur :Corporate Rate
Register Member. ( Free charge)
Standard Member $1500.USD
National Corporate Member $3000. USD
International Corporate Member $5000.USD
VIP Member $8000.USD

Individual :

Register Member. (Free charge)
Standard Member $1000.USD
National Member $1500.USD
International Member $3000. USD
VIP Sponsor Member $5000.USD

Membership Application

To join us at the AICC, please send an email to our Office Administrator at:

Please put in the subject line “Membership Application”.

Please send your membership payment check to:
American International Chamber of Commerce
355 S. Grand Ave., Suite 2450
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Payable to:
American International Chamber of Commerce

* The membership fee in your country may be different, please contact the local AICC representative office and AICC authorities representative for more further information.
* up date on 03/01/2015

About AICC

The American International Chamber of Commerce (AICC) is a non-profit international business organization comprised of entrepreneurs, executives and leaders from across the globe whom are engaged in trade and industry within the International chamber of commerce region of the world. With offices in America, Asia, Europe, Africa and a growing presence throughout the world, we’d like to welcome you to our many exciting events happening across the globe. Many of our events are open to Non-members, we invite you to come preview what we are all about.
AICC mission is to promote the development of trade and investment opportunities between the United States and all the countries. Our Asia Pacific Committee is focus in China, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Australia and other Asia Pacific countries.The AICC has more the corporate and individual members, and represents international companies doing business in the United States. Our current membership includes small, mid-sized and large manufacturing companies, service providers, nonprofit organizations and individuals. The development and activities of AICC are guided by its Board of Directors. Permanent committees are charged with the responsibility of planning programs, developing membership and new services, consequently providing for the continued growth of our organization and the improvement of its operations.

AICC joined the United Nations Global Compact network. The Global Compact network includes a number of important business associations representing leading companies from around the world. These associations are well known for their thought-leadership and private-sector expertise on critical issues related to sustainable development and corporate citizenship.


  • To promote the development of trade, commerce, and investment between the United States and International.
  • To provide a forum in which international businesses in the United States can identify and discuss common interests regarding their commercial interests in the United States.
  • To work with organizations in the American on matters of mutual interest.
  • To maintain relations with the Chamber of Commerce of the United States and other Chambers of Commerce or commercial organizations elsewhere.
  • To do all other lawful things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objectives.
  • Focuses on government-to-government outreach with corporate and academic support to expand trade and investment through provinces and municipalities of China . The investment by Chinese companies in the American will be facilitated by the AICC.
  • Seeks to increase understanding throughout the China’s markets and resources, to showcase as America ‘s most dynamic region, and to develop knowledge in China of investment opportunities in the United States and the export potential of America ‘s companies.


Membership Meetings – AICC invites all of our members, and interested guests, to attend membership event. The guest speakers will give an informational presentation on current topics of interest to the foreign business community in the United States.

Seminar & Luncheon Programs – AICC hosts day-long, half-day and luncheon presentations on a regular basis, featuring in depth coverage of current, relevant topics. These gatherings also offer members an opportunity to meet and talk with decision-makers in an open and informal atmosphere. The seminar programs are aimed at enhancing business and interpersonal skills for professionals at all levels.

Committee Meetings – Committees play an important role in the creative aspect of the Chamber, as committees identify relevant industry specific topics and design forums for further discussion and education.

Community Involvement – AICC is committed to making the community in which we all live and work, a better one. The Chamber supports charity events each year and encourages member companies to become involved in Chamber related and other community projects.

The American International Chamber of Commerce (AICC) is a fast growing business organization uniting over 9000 American and international companies operating in the country.

We are committed to participating in the international business community and forging new commercial relationships abroad.


AICC goods and services got registered and approval by
the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director David Kappos on March 23 2009
Registration Number is: 3765637

AICC goods and services:

Chamber of commerce services, namely, promoting business and tourism between the United States and Asia; Consulting services in the field of marketing of educational training; Convention and visitors bureau services, namely, promoting tourism, business and conventions in the United States and Asia; Organizer of exhibitions and trade fairs for business and promotional purposes; Organizer of business conventions; Organizing, promoting and conducting exhibitions, tradeshows and events for business purposes; Public relations, advertising and marketing services for the tourism and convention industry, namely, organizing and hosting site inspections and familiarization tours for wholesalers, tour operators, travel agents, meeting and incentive travel planners and travel media.

AICC is a business associations number of the UN Global Compact network of associations are well known for thought-leadership and private-sector expertise on critical issues related to sustainable development and corporate citizenship.

UN Global Compact network Official website business associations list link at:

To learn more about getting involved and how support the goals and objective of the AICC organization through corporate partnerships or through membership benefits, Please visit our official website at: to learn more about our chamber.


American International Chamber of Commerce

355 South Grand Avenue, Suite 2450
Los Angeles, California, 90071
United States

Main Official Website:
Phone: 213-255-2066
(Recorded message with office hours, location, and fee schedule.)

AICC has moved into new building from:
333 South Grand Avenue, 25Fl.
Los Angeles, CA 90071


New York:
Tel: 212-202-0766

San Francisco:
Tel: 415-226-1078

Washington. D.C:
Tel: 202-830-1686


Tel: + 44-20-8002 9891


9 Jianguomenwai Ave.
Qijiayuan Diplomatic Residence 7-3-43
Beijing, 100600, China
Tel: + 8610- 8532-4980

Mail Address in China:
AICC Beijing Office
P. O. Box 155
Beijing, 100600 China


Monsieur Jose Ramaherison
Lot IVM 102 Villa Jose II
Tel: +261-330-38-8888

Hours of Operation
The AICC is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are closed on the American holidays.

  • The AICC is open for group visit and membership interviews and personalized visits available. By appointment only.
  •  All the AICC interviewsor for membership only.